Thursday, March 3, 2011

WHAAA?? A Cybiko!!



Late 90s saw the emergence of this badass. What does it do? GAMES, for the kid bored with his Playstation and wants to take it up a notch to WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY! ORGANIZE, for the kid fascinated by their dads Palm Pilot. MUSIC, one of your childhoods first MP3 players that can hold ALL FIVE of your badass songs on a 1MB card. DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT, the first of its kind to offer DLC on your dial-up IBM Aptiva! Crazy! For about $70 or so bucks at the time you could have had one of these crazy MOFOs and chat wirelessly with all your buddies.

Surprisingly enough, there is still a community surrounding these little gadgets, that have been able to hack and mod these guys. Check out Planet Cybiko's Forums and of course their main site Planet Cybiko.

Where can I find one of these? Well if you can’t google, try eBay to get you started.

WTF is Cybiko? Educate yourself!

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Yeah, it’s a motherf**king Yak Bak



HO – LY SHIT! It’s a mo’fucking Yak Bak. Six seconds of epic recording time, with sound effects and, can it be true?? Pitch modulation. Having a leash on it was a good idea, because after playing back your recording, your new favorite toy almost went through the window in excitement. Who else recorded things other than their voice to play around with it? Um, everybody.

You can still buy this childhood favorite on eBay for crazy jacked up prices, about 500% of what the price used to be.

What the hell is a Yak Bak?? Educate yourself!

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The Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Series


win-pics-scary-stories  6541409-L 9780064404181

If you don’t remember these books from when you were a kid, you were unloved as a child. Probably the best nightmare inducing material of our time, especially the illustrations by Stephen Gammell. Having all three of these definitely made my childhood a lot more interesting.

If you were unlucky enough to not have these frightening books when you were growing up, educate yourself.

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